Monday, 19 June 2017

The Finding by Kiefer

“What is it?” questioned one of the workers. There were three workers, mining and mining, hoping they would strike gold. They were actually meant to be at someone’s house digging up what the person who owned the house described as a mess. But finding an oval massive brown thing is really a one-time thing. “I don’t know but all I know is that we should definitely dig random things up again, I mean, come on, look what we’ve found, I mean it might not be gold but I think there’s something inside” Replied another worker.
“It looks like an egg” Said the third.
“No way Sherlock” said the first.
“Alright alright, let’s just get back to mining” said the second. They mined and mined, the shell was tough for their picks. “That’s it!” The third worker lifted up his pick, and slammed it down with all his might. The ‘egg shell’ cracked. They all tried to take a look in the ‘egg shell’. They just saw a little bit of white. “What is it?”
“No questioning just mine.” They all slammed the egg, out of the egg was a sticky substance, a creamy substance, both of those put together. We are rich, we can take this to the government, who those what they’ll buy it for.”

Creme Egg story by Lisa

As we got a call from the owners of the famous cream egg, we gathered round and watched the creamy icing flood around the area. We cornered it off with cones but it was too strong! The strong icing started to break the egg even more as we tried to put it back together; as we put buckets out to catch the icing, we realised that there was too much cream-icing and too few buckets.
“What about if we try and get the icing out quicker? Because then we can get it into buckets faster and it will stop pouring sooner!” Rob exclaimed.
“That’s a great idea, but we will get all dirty and sticky when covered in cream!” Jeff replied, “Our boss told us to come back clean so that we can go another day without washing the uniform!”
“Our uniform doesn’t matter as long as we get this problem dealt with!”
“Our boss wouldn’t want this so…”
“If you don’t want to complete the mission then go back to the office because Jeff and I can finish this by on our own!”
“Stop being so…”
“STOP ARGUING!” I yelled “we are all staying put and doing as Rob said!”
“Why are you going along with this?” Jeff said.
“Because no one else is saying anything!”
I jumped on top of the egg and started pushing down the sticky icing. “It’s working!” I yelled as they continued to create a wall of buckets. “It won’t be able to go anywhere now!” Yelled Jeff
“I know! It’s got to go in the buckets now; there is no-where else for it to go!” said Rob
“We are nearly done!” I yelled.

5 minutes later…

“We did it!” I yelled
“Yes we did!” Rob replied
“I’m sorry about the argument before Rob.” Said Jeff guiltily
“I forgive you, I’m also sorry. I shouldn’t have started yelling at you either.”
“So are we friends?”
“Of course!”
“So, who wants a cream egg? 😄”

The creme egg and the mini workers by Tyler S

“Where does this dammed confectionery come from!” complained one of the workers, looking up at his way to spend his overtime.
“Hell,” replied another worker, looking down at the gooey mess at his feet, “that’s where.”

“I don’t care where it’s come from, but it’s going to make me rich!” exclaimed the third worker, actually looking over the source of the goo, “The boss said, that he would give us one thousand pen lids each for every chunk of gooey sweetness we remove!”
“One thousand each!” shouted the other two workers in unison, “we better get going then.”
The three of them knew that they had to get some back up. They couldn’t just clear up that giant mess by themselves. Oh, I’m sorry. You don’t quite know what we’re on about, do you? Well the thing they are actually trying to remove is, well, I don’t know how to explain it to you without giving too much away. The border holding the gooey, creamy-ness is what is known to us is: chocolate. But it is known to them as: bare poison. The chocolate/bare poison is usually egg shaped. You might have already guessed that there is some sort of gooey/creamy substance. It is known to us as: some sort of gooey/creamy substance. It is known to them as: nuclear.
I have been using the word: “Them” quite a lot recently, that is because this thing is the size of two of those people, the actual size is about eleven centimetres.
“Let’s move this Crème Egg* out!” yelled one of the miniature workers, while driving a crane.

Creme Egg Poem by Aimee

Delicious cream egg,
I always have to beg,
Oh what a treat,
For us to eat,
On a day like today.
It will melt right away,
But you can still play.
Don’t worry now,
You can say ‘wow’,
Because it is fun,
Just rest in the sun.
Leave your parents to sleep,
It is all you can eat,
At the time of Easter,
Better than malteser.
Now, don’t start to grunt,
It is time to hunt.
You can find one under the settee,
Then throw confetti.
But don’t eat it yet,
Otherwise you will get upset.
You’d better share,
Because I will be there,
Watching you and the others,
I mean your little brothers.
It is time to eat,
So take a seat,
We’ve got to thank the maker,
Because he is the saviour.
Lovely creme eggs,
Don’t spill it on your legs.
You’ll be sorry,
You will see.
Do you know what I am having for tea?
A creme egg!

Creme Egg Workers by Jack

“What is it?” asked one of the workers.
“I don’t know,” said another.
“Well whatever it is we’ve got to crack it open, boss’ orders.”
“It looks like an egg.” said another.
“What did I just say? Get back to work!” said another.
All of the workers started hacking and slicing at the egg shaped object, when, finally they got through. “Hey! Look what I found!” said one of the workers. They all looked inside the crack and saw something yellow and orange with white around it. “There’s gold and silver in that egg shaped rock! Keep going!”
All of the workers sliced at the hole, trying to get their greedy paws on some gold and silver.
When the egg finally broke, two climbed down but the last one fell in. He expected it to be a hard landing, but he just squished into the ‘gold’ and ‘silver’. “Yuck! What is this stuff?”
“It’s… Cream!”
“Really? I never would have guessed genius!” said the one in the gooey substance.

“Guys calm down, I’m pretty sure it’s still worth something.”
“This is a stupid question, but, is it edible?”
“Woah, he has a point, what if this is a rare delicacy?”
“Well there’s only one way to find out.” said the miner who was stuck in goo.

The Accident by Kaycee

Crème egg, crème egg siting in the fridge
Do you want to be thrown off a bridge?
I know you’re so ever silky-smooth,
But I need to test this will you approve.
I walked to the bridge with the egg in hand,
Melting it was - I hope it understands
That I’m doing this for a project to get me marks.
What was that, did it just bark?
Is it trying to tell me something that I don’t know?
My hands are sweaty I have to let go,
Doing that was a big mistake
I didn’t know you were going to break,
The crème inside came out like a bullet
I couldn’t push nor pull it
To put it in a drain near my feet
This five minutes felt like a week,
I walked home trying to ignore what I had done.
I went back the next day and it was boiling from the sun.
I found that the egg wasn’t there,
But the Easter bunny had left one new one with a pear.
I wanted to know where the broken egg had gone,
The bunny said, “It’s with John!”
“Can you show me where John is?”
Of course I can, you curious kid.
The rest I’m not allowed explain,
Because of course I’m using my brain,
Let’s just say I went to the factory,
Where everything goes when it gets a bit messy.
The Easter factory if you really want to know.
Excuse me now I have to go.

Creme Egg by Rhianna

Can I go to the sweet shop now?”
Rosa asked her mother Mandy for the fourth time that hour.
Every time you ask, it’s one more day until we go. All you ever talk about are those
Magic crème eggs!” Her mother responded. It’s true. The crème
Eggs really were magic.
Each day, Rosa looked out her bedroom window. The
Gigantic sweet shop was just across the road, and of course the expanding crème eggs were
Going out of stock fast. Rosa looked at her piggy bank.
She had just enough to buy a magic crème egg.
Attacking her glass window until it broke,
Rosa grabbed her money and ran across the road. AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everything went black…
Mandy looked down at her unconscious child -in a coma-
And the tubes attached to her. Nurses were feeding her through a
Giant tube (the biggest of the 27). Suddenly Mandy remembered those last words her daughter said.
I want you to feed her the expanding crème eggs. Now.” A
Crème egg, the last one, was bought, and fed to Rosa. “MOTHER!”
A nurse called Lucy told a shocked Rosa what had happened to her.
Lucy then let her mother speak to her. “Why is your window broken, Rosa?”
The crème egg floated down the mountain. The boy checked
His phone.
Showed the time: 8:47am. Only a few minutes left until his plan would be done.
Imaginative. That’s what they called him at
Capable of doing anything. That’s what his friends said.
Overprotective. That’s what his enemies called him. He was
Done with everyone labelling him. Done with
Everyone calling him names.
He would show them.
Everyone would know that he is evil.
Like it or not, the disaster would take place in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.